Monday, September 5, 2011

Warm Water

I couldn't get over how warm the ocean was. They said 80 degrees. Felt wonderful. We were in there for a couple of hours just before high tide and the sound of waves crashing and engulfing us much too quickly was sheer delight. My memories of being in lakes and rivers and the Pacific ocean are not associated with warmth. Only cold. We'd go camping and after 2-3 days feel so grubby, we just have to walk into the icy waters. Refreshing. And then towelling off quickly and sitting by the fire to get the blood circulating again.

Here, I didn't even realize how hot my skin was until after we came home. The kids and I are turning into toasty little brownies. My husband, alas, is turning pink. If it hadn't been for him, we'd have gotten sunburned as well. But he made all three of us get out because he didn't want us to burn. I'm thankful for that.

Can you believe that my kiddos were as far out as my husband even though this was their first time to be in the Atlantic? The waves were way over their heads. We swallowed plenty of salt-water. The good thing is that whatever bug my son was just beginning to harbor in his sinuses is gone!

We definitely need to join a swim club so that we can become better swimmers and ride those waves.

I hope you all had a restful Labor Day and had some fun too.



Faith E. Hough said...

Wow--beautiful! (Sorry about your husband's sunburn, though!)
I'm so used to swimming in chilly northern waters, that I was shocked when I visited family in Mississippi and swam in the Gulf of Mexico--I couldn't believe water could be that warm!

Marcia said...

Oh dear, I'd be pink like your husband. :) But the waves in those pictures look so inviting, and I love imagining the warmth.

Bish Denham said...


Salt water has amazing healing properties. My mother advocated swallowing a mouthful every time we went swimming. And I regularly snorted seawater to keep the sinuses clear. Going to the beach when I felt a cold come on always cured it. Bake in the sun, hit the waves, bake in the sun...

inluvwithwords said...

Sounds wonderful! I can't believe the summer is over and I didn't go swimming once.

Vijaya said...

Faith, my poor husband is really suffering now. I give him a hug and he says Ow! I have swum in the Pacific ocean in California, but I didn't remember it being *this* warm. It's truly amazing.

Marcia, it's pure joy to be in that water ... but light-skinned folks definitely need to watch out.

Bish, your mom is so right. This is why we do salt water gargles every time we have a scratchy throat.

Inluv, summer ain't over yet ... you mustmustmust take advantage of the warm weather and just dive in. This weekend.

Suma Subramaniam said... sure reminds me of my childhood years when I enjoyed the waves of Marina Beach, Chennai.

Lovely...enjoy the warmth:-)


dbp said...


Did you guys move to SC or just visiting? I know Boeing built a Dreamliner line there...

Vijaya said...

Suma, I can imagine it sparks those beautiful memories of India. When we first got here, the heat and humidity reminded me of Mumbai.

DBP, thanks for visiting. We moved to Charleston because my husband is working on the new 787 line. But it sure feels like a great vacation place.

dbp said...

Hi Vijaya,

Since you called me dbp, I thought you didn't recognize me; David Pecchia, Vaishali's husband.

I've been to SC a couple of times and loved it. Two weeks at Beaufort in the Marine Corps, and when I worked for Affymetrix we had a user's group meeting in Hilton Head. Quite a departure from the cloudy, dreary Pacific NW.

Boston is still pretty far away, but only 1/3 as far as when you lived in WA, so if you want to show your family New England, you have a place to stay.

Vijaya said...

David! Thanks for letting me know who you are. My internet is so slow in this apartment, I often have to wait minutes for a page to load, so I thought I'd figure out who this mysterious dbp was later ...

I know quite a very military folks who've been through here ... Hey, the Hunley is parked here! And this is a primo vacation spot, so bring Vaishali and the girls down here.

We will definitely be making trips up North ... the entire Eastern seaboard has so much history, and it's not the same as the wild West.

Anonymous said...

The atlantic - YES! :) Everytime I think about you being this close I smile. We have to set up a time to get together. Maybe we can meet somewhere halfway?