Saturday, December 24, 2011

Touched by God

 An excerpt from Msgr. Charles Pope:

A magnificent mystery is before us. The infinite is an infant. He who looks down upon all creation now looks up from a cradle. He who spoke worlds into existence, now sounds forth with the cry of an infant. Another old Latin hymn captures mystery and the warmth of the moment: Alpha et O, matris in gremio (Alpha and omega is sitting in mommy’s lap). And from his mother’s lap he beckons us to approach and touch him. This day, we touch our God, and God touches us.God bless you all.

We desperately need this touch, this contact with our God, this hand is stretched out to heal and save. We had grown old in our sins, and this infant child draws us back to the joy and innocence of our youth. This outstretched hand of our God will heal the sick and the leprous, raise up the paralyzed and the dead. This hand will drive out demons and rebuke the storm tossed waves. This hand will be nailed to a cross to save us.

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Ruth Schiffmann said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful text. Thank you for posting this, Vijaya.

Faith E. Hough said...

Very beautiful. The end gives me shivers!

Vijaya said...

Ruth and Faith, thank you for reading. Yes, don't you just want to kiss those hands?

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful picture, Vijaya! And wow - what words to go with it!

Vijaya said...

Thanks Donna. I cannot take credit for the picture or words, but I am thankful to be able to share.