Thursday, December 6, 2012

Art, Cats, St. Nick, & Endless Rewriting

Because I love great art and cats, I was delighted to come across cats posing as in famous paintings.


On this Feast of Saint Nicholas, who wasn't fat or jolly, but rather cantankerous. Read more here!

Why, yes! I'm procrastinating ... watching funny cats, reading articles about St. Nick, writing a single scene three times, discarding all of them, writing it yet another way, and realizing I. Must. Move. Forward. to the even more difficult scene I must write. Today!

How do you get through the hard scenes?


Faith E. Hough said...

Yes, the real St. Nick was so much more interesting than our chubby, sanitized version. I'd want to have him on my side in an argument!
(Also, I had never read the pickle barrel story before. Is it bad that it made me laugh like crazy?? I mean, they ended up ok, right? ;)

Mirka Breen said...

Watching cats in not procrastinating, IMO. It's contemplating G-d's gifts of beauty and grace...

Marcia said...

Oh, I know, I get stuck in the sticky areas too rather than moving on. I'm so chronological.

Vijaya said...

Faith, I'd love to have St. Nick on my side too ... and I have a feeling that we're all a bit batty. My kids laughed over the pickle barrel story too. And of course, they were fine :)

Mirka, so true! As a person who feels feline on the inside, I can attest to the contemplative nature of cat-bird-fish-hamster watching. She's sleeping now ;)

Marcia, I am able to jump past a difficult scene, but when I'm revising, I have to get things right!