Friday, December 14, 2012

Hug Your Children

It is with horror I read about another young man going on a shooting rampage in a CT elementary school, killing primarily children, and a few adults, including himself.

Lord, have mercy.

And in another story, a small town in Texas adopting needy children. They don't have much, but they share what they have, giving these children not only food and shelter, but love.

Thank you, Lord.

I know I'm going to hug my children a bit longer tonight. Tragedy can strike anywhere, anytime.

Pax Christi.

ETA: Here is a thoughtful article about the mystery of why there is suffering at all by Rev. Msgr. Pope.


Faith E. Hough said...

I've sort of been in a state of shock since I heard about this today. I can't stop praying for all the parents...the children were just my Lucy's age.

Marcia said...

I think the ages of these children have really shaken people up. Unspeakably sad.

Vijaya said...

Faith, sometimes all we can do is pray in the wake of such a terrible thing.

Marcia, exactly. I volunteer in a K-1 classroom and the children are so sweet, it's heartbreaking to know some are no longer in their parents' arms.

dbp said...

It would be easy to let the diseased mind of this killer taint our view of mankind in general. In the face of evil, there is often unexpected bravery, resourcefullness and grace

Mirka Breen said...

"Hug the children"-

Vijaya said...

I agree, David. God is in the midst of our suffering, also his Grace and Peace.

Mirka, I can be often be irritable and short with my kiddos; a tragedy like this lends so much perspective.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Such a tragedy, from every angle. Yes, I'm hugging my children tighter today, too. You're right, we don't know what a day will bring. <3