Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Summer House Guest

Our bedroom looks as if a toddler has taken over it. Meet bad-to-the-bone, bad-ass, bad-kitty Lewey. But we love having him ... he brings much joy as he chases a plastic ball with a bell inside, or tosses a catnip mouse in the air. Watching him leap, do 360 degree turns in the air, and pounce upon a fishing toy, you can't help but think how perfectly he is made -- to hunt.

He's very affectionate and staked his claim on me the first night, crawling up to my chin and purring and nuzzling me until he decided to bite and claw me. I suppose this is all part of the ownership ritual. 

Our 15-year old tortie is no match for this sleek 1-year old who is determined to dominate everybody and everything. Now of course, cats do own everything, but when there are multiple cats in a family, it is easier to establish hierarchy when the newcomer is a kitten. The first chance Lewey got, he sunk his claws into the old cat's hindquarters. Drew blood. It happened so quickly, I could barely react.

I had hoped that Lewey could have free run of the house by now (we've had him for almost three weeks now) but there is too much animosity between the cats. So Lewey is free to roam and explore when our older cat is snoozing on the porch or in one of the bedrooms upstairs (we keep the door closed). The rest of the time he is king of our bedroom and bath.

Even though nocturnal house pets adjust their routine to fit with the humans they live with, cats prowl at night. Lewey is very busy playing until around midnight. I often read and write in bed and he comes to attack my moving hand. Every morning, I hear him crunching his kibble and then he's ready for another madcap play session, after which he comes for a heavy petting session and then proceeds to bite me. I keep a fishing pole nearby to dangle in my half-asleep state. I realize I'm going to be sleep deprived the rest of this summer unless I start taking afternoon naps with the naughty fellow.

Lewey gets lots of playtime but we have many closed doors in our home now. Our bedroom, for one. The dog sleeps alone now ... you should've heard her whimpering the first two nights. The hamster is in my office (it has a door I can close). The first day Lewey got a whiff of the rodent, he was determined to get the little guy.
On family movie nights, my heart breaks a little bit for Lewey because he cannot join us, but then I remember that his sweet mews can mean, "I want to be with you and bite your hand," just as much as "Oooh, hamster on the menu?" or "That old cat has to go."
We're having a good summer, punctuated with shouts of: "Shut the door," which sounds exactly like "Je t'adore."


Mirka Breen said...

Lewey is a beautiful guy. Good thing you're not superstitious, Vijaya.

Leandra Wallace said...

He looks like a very sleek hunter in the second pic! I used to have a cat when I was a teen that would attack my feet when I was asleep- ouch!

Barb said...

Beautiful cat! Lewey and I keep similar hours although I usually don't bite.

Faith E. Hough said...

Awwww! Golly, I want a kitty.

R. T. Freeman said...

Ah ... the bygone days of Fred, the ginger tabby. Good for us (there's nothing like a handsome puss snoozing by a crackling fire on a winter's day) bad for the wee critters in the woodlands and meadows (Mom! There's a dead chipmunk on my BED!) He was a serial killer and it was, indeed, in his nature. He also left internal organs as little presents for us. Field mouse pate, anyone?

Lewey is VERY handsome.

Nancy Butts said...

Welcome to your new kitty! And I hope you use that closing line in a book somewhere. I love how "shut the door" sounds like "Je t'adore."

Vijaya said...

Mirka, I am superstitious, but in favor of all kitties.

Leandra, Lewey takes pot shots at me all time. He reminds me a bit of my first cat.

Barb, do you have a feline companion to keep you company as well? Along with the canis?

Faith, I hope you will have a purring feline in your life asap.

RT, field mouse pate is exactly the reason why my kitties are not indoor/outdoor. I hope you use the line about the chipmunk on my bed in one of your stories.

Nancy, when we were in Belgium I'd crack up at affirmations of love. Yes, that's a line in search of a plot.