Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rufus Goes to School

Photo taken by Paula Morrow
As I begin to create a summer writing routine with children and pets, I return to the memories of the people who made the Highlights Workshop unforgettable.

I had met Kim Griswell several years ago, and didn't think she'd remember me, but how lovely it was when she flung her arms around me Sat. evening. We had a great time catching up. Here she is proudly holding her first picture book: Rufus Goes to School. He is an adorable character and I was delighted to learn he is based on her younger self. Kim is a character herself and I'm not surprised she's working for Uncle John's Bathroom Readers. She showed us their latest books, and I'm itching to write for them too.

I wish I could return to the serenity of the cabins, especially when life gets chaotic. Below is Julia, a modern-day psalmist enjoying the fresh air and a good book. She graciously shared a couple of prayers that I keep close to my heart. One day I hope to buy a copy of her books. In the meantime, we continue to pursue our writing dreams amidst the joyful chaos of family life.

Happy reading and writing, all. And remember, don't give up!


Faith E. Hough said...

That picture book looks adorable! I wonder if I'll ever catch up with all the books I want to read and share with my girls--at least Heaven is eternal, right? :)

Marcia said...

Oh, I wanna stay in that cabin. I wanna staaaaay in that caaaabin...

Bish Denham said...

I wanna stay in that cabin too!

Vijaya said...

Faith, thank heaven for heaven!

Marcia and Bish, either you're going to have to build a writing cabin in your backyard or come to Honesdale for a week ... Seriously, I wanted to cart the cabin home and plunk it down in my yard.