Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog Redesign ... and a Companion

And who should come, but Saint John the Baptist! Today is the feast of his nativity and I just love how the Christian calendar is fixed so that he is born near the summer solstice so that his light is steadily decreasing until Christ is born at the winter solstice. I doubt any of this is an accident.

Blessed John Henry Newman states: Saint John the Baptist had a most difficult office to fulfill; that of rebuking a king.
And so it follows that: We who now live have not that extreme duty put upon us with which Saint John was laden; yet every one of us has a share in his office.
He gives us some direction: Aim at viewing all things in a plain and candid light, and at calling them by their right names. Be frank, do not keep your notions of right and wrong to yourselves, nor, on some conceit that the world is too bad to be taught the Truth, suffer it to sin in word or deed without rebuke. Do not allow friend or stranger in the familiar intercourse of society to advance false opinions, nor shrink from stating your own, and do this in singleness of mind and love.

This blog is now under the patronage of St. John the Baptist.
Pray for us, St. John, that we may write boldly, truly, and in love.


Johnell DeWitt said...

Fun info. I love your last line especially.

Mirka Breen said...

Many blessings for revisions and re-designs. I know you'll come out authentic Vijaya, whichever way it flows.

Vijaya said...

Thank you Johnell and Mirka. Funny how saints choose you instead of the other way round.

Leandra Wallace said...

Very nice, I like it! That tree is amazing.

Vijaya said...

Leandra, that is the Angel Oak tree, I believe the oldest in the US.