Friday, June 6, 2014

Red Butterfly Cover Reveal

It's book season. Many of my friends have new books coming out and it is so much fun to celebrate! I love the bright colors on this cover but it's the bamboo pole with clothes drying that makes this so authentic.

I met Amy on Faith's blog. I was desperate and asked for prayers. Amy, bless her heart, saw my plea and offered to pray for me as well. I wondered who this was, with such a kind heart, who would pray for a stranger. I found a funny and talented woman with an interesting history. She'd grown up in Hong Kong as a child of missionary parents. She's settled in Eastern WA with her "dashingly handsome sidekick" and five lovely children. I got to meet them all when they stopped by our place in Redmond, WA.

What a joy it is to celebrate Red Butterfly, Amy's debut. Here's the jacket description:

Kara never met her birth mother. Abandoned as an infant, she was taken in by an elderly American woman living in China. Now eleven, Kara spends most of her time in their apartment, wondering why she and Mama cannot leave the city of Tianjin and go live with Daddy in Montana. Mama tells Kara to be content with what she has … but what if Kara secretly wants more?

Told in lyrical, moving verse, Kara’s story is one of a girl learning to trust her own voice, discovering that love and family are limitless, and finding the wings she needs to reach new heights.
You can learn more about this pretty lady at:

Congratulations Amy!!!!!


Faith E. Hough said...

I'm jealous (in a good way--but there just isn't the right word) that you got to meet Amy and her family in person! I hope I get the chance someday as well, because I've also been so blessed by her friendship and inspired by her generosity and faith.
So excited for this book!

Janet Johnson said...

Isn't Amy amazing? I love her, too. And I LOVE this cover.

I got to meet her last summer, and she's as charming in person as she is online. :)

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Thank you, Vijaya! I feel so honored to know you and call you friend. Thank you for celebrating with me!

Mirka Breen said...

***GORGEOUS*** cover.

Barbara Etlin said...

LOVE the cover!

Vijaya said...

It's a small world, Faith! I'm thinking you'll meet up at a NY conference or something :)

Thanks for celebrating, friends. It is such a joy!

Marcia said...

Congratulations to Amy.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous cover--love it!