Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dagny's Drawings and other Arts

Perspective Study

Peppers and a Cherry
What's in My Pocket
Dagny is taking an art class in school this semester and I really love how she is learning some techniques. I firmly believe that learning about perspective and shadows and colors will allow her to express herself more authentically. She made the Bastille Day drawing for her history class (for fun!).
Extension -- you can see the original cut-out in the center
I am so thankful we are living in an age where there is more free time for artistic pursuits. I think back to my mother's life, and most of it was a struggle just for survival, yet, she too made art. She sewed all our clothes, and not just functional clothes, but pretty dresses with puffed sleeves or a little lace trim around the neckline. She knitted not just serviceable sweaters, but made honeycomb patterns or a cable design, and she could do this while carrying on a conversation. My mother would never have thought of herself as an artist; she was much too practical. Yet, she was an artist. She sang while cooking or cleaning, made the most delicious curries (even though at the time I didn't appreciate it) and I could always bring a request for a special design on my sweater. And my mom managed to create beauty with what little we had. Visiting with my sister brought back so many memories.
Dagny propels me to make more art in the home -- she's the chief decorator! I often don't have energy to do the fun things we used to do, but she takes it upon herself. This Halloween, our front porch was attractive because of the pumpkin she carved and the candles that she lit. I am looking forward to decorating our Christmas tree with her.

This photograph is something of the hidden lives of my children. They were off and about on their own ... and it looks like Dagny took the photo because Max was driving. I love it.

PS: The title of this post reminds me of a short sci-fi story I wrote for little kids a few years back: Dagny's Drawing. I should try to find a home for it. My kids no longer appreciate appropriating their names for stories ... oh, how quickly they grow up. It seems like just yesterday they were editing my stories, replacing the main character's name with their own.


Faith E. Hough said...

Beautiful! I hope she never gives it up!

Mirka Breen said...

Your kiddos are not only gorgeous, they make gorgeous things.

Gretchen M. Everin said...

These are stunning! I had to double and triple-check the drawing of the jewelry. At first, I was certain it was a photo. My goodness, she's got a gift!!!

Yanting Gueh said...

Fabulous works! Perspectives is the more difficult lesson for me. I'm grateful we are allowed more freedom in pursuing our artistic desires than our parents.

Vijaya said...

Thank you all so much!
Faith, I hope she always continues to make art wherever she is.
Mirka, our home is filled with their works. I love it.
Gretchen, I never knew about extensions but when I realized what it was about, I was floored at how much one has to pay attention to detail. The ring in the bottom is her added one ... I liked that it wasn't shiny like the others, but had a tarnished look.
Claudine, you are so right -- I was given a rap for the scribbles in the margins of the notebooks.