Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rorate Sunday thoughts on a Tuesday


School's out and we are having such a lovely time anticipating Christmas Eve with baking, decorating, singing. I need to write Christmas cards next. My kids told me this 4th Sunday of Advent that for the next two Fridays, there is no penance because they are feast days!!! Why yes!!! After a bit of fasting, the feasting is even more special! I wish I could share bread and cookies and fresh oranges with all of you.

Our little garden didn't fare well this year. We got ONE teeny tomato and ONE tough okra. The herbs did okay, as did the peppers and when the oranges started ripening, I had to exercise tremendous self control to not pluck them and eat them up ... they are soooo sweet fresh off the tree.

I know a lot of families hide the Baby Jesus until Christmas Eve but I can't stand to have Baby Jesus in some drawer. If I were a carpenter, I'd make a Mary doll that encloses the Baby Jesus inside her (it should be easy to do with all her folds of clothes) so that we need only open a latch to release the Baby Jesus. If someone has a crèche like this, please let me know. I hope you are all having a relaxing and beautiful Advent. Waiting is hard ... I leave you with this beautiful chant with all its longing for the Messiah. The refrain means: Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the just.


Mirka Breen said...

I *love* your Christmas. The photos make me feel like I'm there.

P.S. The orange is good for you, and it says,"I'm not there for decoration, so eat me!"

Leandra Wallace said...

The bread and cookies look so good! I'm dreading going on a diet after the holidays...but it must be done! =) Have a lovely Merry Christmas!

Vijaya said...

Thank you Mirka. That was our last orange!

Leandra, I don't usually have a sweet tooth but my daughter does and it's hard to resist all the goodies when they are right there ... a Merry Christmas to you too!