Monday, March 21, 2016

Alabaster Box

Holy Week has begun! My reflection on today's Gospel is up on CatholicMom :) I hope you will take a look. This is only my second piece for a Catholic publication and it pleases me like nothing else.

ETA: Our priest exhorted us on Palm Sunday to insert ourselves into the Passion narrative and see whom we are most like, and how we can be more like Jesus.

Enjoy this beautiful song, Alabaster Box, by Julie Meyer. I first heard it sung by Donna Earnhardt at Write2Ignite.


Faith E. Hough said...

The reflection was lovely! So glad you had it published.
Today's gospel is so challenging of my practical ways. I see that Judas in me far too often.

Mirka Breen said...

Blessed week it is, for you and yours!

Donna Earnhardt said...

My sister, Rachel, introduced me to that song. The lyrics make me reflect on my own relationship with Jesus. I pray your week is fabulous! We celebrated Maundy Thursday tonight. We'll miss the Good Friday service (will be out of town), but plan to attend the sunrise service. One of my fave ways to celebrate!

Vijaya said...

Faith, isn't it great we have an entire lifetime to work on this?

Mirka, thank you.

Donna!!! Thanks for stopping by. I always think of you with this song, and of course I think of Sean and Rachel too. You are such a wonderful musical family.