Saturday, April 23, 2016


The last couple of weeks Max has slowly been preparing for prom. He picked up this corsage after school on Friday and let me tell you, it smells heavenly! A small thing of beauty. Here he is getting ready -- please do notice the cufflinks! Almost ready to head out the door ... doesn't he look dapper? I love that men's clothes never go out of style.

The three young men and three beautiful young ladies wanted to go together. One of them had the idea to meet at this beautiful private garden belonging to Mrs. Whaley (and now I must get the book!). Don't the young ladies rival the flowers? 



Ahem ... this whole prom preparation is a first for all of us! Neither Michael or I ever went, nor were we friends with anybody who did (we sound like such misfits and you'd be right in thinking so). But I wouldn't have minded dressing up to go dancing in a garden like this. It has a few private areas for stealing a kiss :) How do I know? Grin.

The kids are actually dancing at the USS Yorktown, docked at Patriot's Point. I wonder whether they'll also get a chance to tour it. We'd gone a couple of years back and I posted a few pictures here


Mirka Breen said...

Wasn't he a wee-one only moments ago?... Wistful to see him as a man, ey?

Barbara Etlin said...

They look so happy--and so grown up!