Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Seven Laws of Love Seven Laws of Love: Essential Principles for Building Stronger Relationships by Dave Willis. This is a very practical book about improving your relationships by loving the people God has placed in your life. The author is a pastor and has a very breezy style of writing that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being lectured to. I especially liked the end where he summarizes the points expounded in the book. He challenges the reader to “identify one relationship you’d like to improve. Perhaps it’s with your spouse, or a child, or a coworker, or a friend. Maybe it’s already a healthy relationship, or perhaps it is broken. If someone isn’t jumping to the forefront of your mind immediately, take a minute to ponder and pray about it.”

Pastor Willis begins the book with first defining love. 1 Cor 13:1-3. He boils down all that he’s learned from the Bible with the following definition: “Love is an unconditional commitment to selflessly serve, truthfully communicate, fearlessly protect, gracefully forgive, compassionately heal, and enduringly remain in relationship with and for the sake of another.”
In the first part, he devotes each chapter to one of the aspects of love: commitment, sacrifice, speaking truth, conquering fear, offering grace, bringing healing, living forever. In the second part, he gives practical advice on loving your spouse, your family, your neighbor, your friends, your enemies, yourself, and your Creator.
I know a couple of families who are hurting right now due to marital strife, difficulties with grown children, or at work and wish I had a copy to give to each of them. Even if you have strong relationships, this book will help you to see the areas where you could improve.
I'm not exactly sure why the author doesn't simply use the Litany of Love in 1 Cor 13:4-8 to make his points, but I suppose everybody who writes about relationships must have a new angle. Regardless, Dave Willis' organization is sound and enjoyable. Thanks to BookLook for providing a review copy


Mirka Breen said...

While I have many life-long friends and loving family members, I can't think of a single relationship that I would not like to improve. Improving relationship is the same as improving self, and it's ongoing. Thank you for highlighting a book you found helpful.

Johnell said...

We certainly need more of these types of books. Thank you for sharing this one.