Friday, October 14, 2016


About a month ago, fathers and sons gathered for a meal. They each shared letters with one another. Yesterday evening, mothers and sons shared dinner catered by Iacofanos.

I am so proud of Max for sticking with football. I still remember the year he began, when he was nine, how worried I was given the football injuries I'd read about. I told him: protect your head. A year later after our conversion, I quit worrying and placed him under Mary's protection. I am so thankful to the wonderful coaches and teammates he's had throughout the years.

Many of my friends are surprised to learn he plays because he's more known for his brains. But he loves the game and has grown so much, both in stature and character. I love you Max and I hope you will always use your strength, both moral and physical, to care for the ones who are weaker.

Tonight: Homecoming. Bishops are undefeated. Pray they are victorious!



Leandra Wallace said...

Good luck, Max!

Mirka Breen said...

So many things in your future to miss, and you are missing them already... I think I went through the same process, hoping it will prepare me to let go.

dbp said...

That's great that Max plays football, what position does he play?

Faith E. Hough said...

Woo hoo! :) Undefeated! Good luck, Bishops!!

Vijaya said...

Thanks you all. Bishops played great the first half and then the third quarter let the rival team score. I thought, not a tale of two halves. But they got their defense working again and won.

Mirka, yes, the things we'll miss :(

David, Max plays wide receiver. And because you asked, I remembered I'd taken a picture of his senior poster when I was manning concessions a couple of weeks back, so posted that picture :) It'll be fun to have it in his room after the end of the season.

dbp said...

Thanks Vijaya! Wow! That is a tough position. One has to be fast, have good hands and being tall helps.