Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Fall Y'All and Happy 100th Anniversary of Fatima

It might be the season of spiders and pumpkins, but I am totally smitten with these Halloween kittens. It's taken them a long time to own us but now they demand to be petted (or else there's a love bite). It's such a comfort to have a cat in bed with me again. They still are terrified of new people and run away when they hear the dog bark, but discovering they are safe.


See how they help us? Whether it's cooking or writing or painting, they want to be a part of it. Dagny has been painting the drama sets for Sleepy Hollow with her friend.


I thought that perhaps our garden was finished--these were the last of the peppers I picked but Michael planted some lettuce and it's been so good to cut some to go with our supper every night. Ah, simple pleasures.

We still go to the beach in the evenings, but it's a bit chilly to go swimming. Not like this beach down in Florida. I have a feeling Max is having too good a time down at Ave Maria. 

Today is another Friday the 13th to celebrate! Another 100th anniversary! The first I wrote about here. A reminder to pray, pray, pray without ceasing for continual conversion. Oh Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.  


Faith E. Hough said...

Happy anniversary to you, Vijaya! I'll remember you in my rosary tonight.
I don't know about there, but it's just FINALLY starting to feel like fall here in New England. Finally and just barely...the kids and I spent the afternoon and the beach (I couldn't take being in house on such a gorgeous day, so we brought math lessons there), and it felt more like early September than late October.

Johnell DeWitt said...

I love your kitties! Mine could be a twin of yours for sure.

Barbara Etlin said...

I especially like the photo of the kitten who, despite everything, is sharing a bed with the dog. :-)

Mirka Breen said...

I love how your dog accepted the felines, after losing the old one. it speaks volumes about your home.

Vijaya said...

Thank you Faith. It must be so pretty up there and what fun to have lessons outside or on the beach.

Johnell, so true. I've loved seeing pictures of yours and now you are fostering those lil babies. So cute.

Barb, our dog would love to be with the cats more. She's always had cats around her since puppyhood and is naturally gentle and motherly. By the way, when she wants the bed to herself, she just nudges them off with her nose.

Mirka, I've wondered whether our dog missed the old cat, but she took to the kittens right away. It took a long time for them not to act like prey.