Friday, March 1, 2019

Mirka Breen is a Winner!

Yay, we have a winner! Mirka Breen gets a signed copy of Name Unspoken by Cadence McManinon. We did it the old fashioned way--Dagny picked out the winning strip under Yoda's watch. She's still recovering from the flu.
It's been a rare and unbelievably social week for me: a delightful school visit with the preK group at Whitesides Elementary for Read Across America. I read Ten Easter Eggs and the kids helped me out by hatching out of eggs! So, so fun!!! I received a royal treatment with even my own parking spot.

Impromptu visits with out-of-town friends! My copy of America First had arrived just a couple days prior so I crashed in on their luncheon--they were so gracious. 

I spoke to a Mom's group at the Cathedral about my faith journey and writing. We met in the little chapel downstairs--such a sacred space. And what a beautiful group of faithful young women--and babies! It was a great blessing to be able to hear Mass and catch up with my friend at lunch afterwards.


Today I went to my first Carolina Catholic Professionals meeting. So wonderful to listen to retired Justice Patrick Michael Duffy about growing up Catholic in the South. I'm going to share just one little bit--he is one of seven brothers and sisters, three who died when young. He told us of the time when his mother was carrying his youngest sister, the doctor advised abortion because she had Rh-negative blood type and the baby would surely kill her or be still-born or even if born alive would need a full transfusion. In those days, there was nothing to sop up the antibodies coursing through the mother's blood that might harm baby. His mother refused, saying they were both in God's hands. Every day the priest prayed for the baby and mother and the baby was born perfectly normal and healthy. A miracle! I know several families with only children because of this exact situation. Mom is Rh-negative and if the first baby is Rh-positive, it is immediately a death sentence for any child conceived thereafter. Imagine all the sterilized marriages and lost babies. It's terribly sad.

I've never been out to this diocesan property on West Ashley. It's beautiful and serene. There's a simple and beautiful chapel for offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I'm looking forward to meeting and listening to more members. It was this group that sponsored Gloria Purvis' lecture on St. Valentine's evening. In any case, I'm ready to collapse. Max and his friends will begin arriving tonight!!! Godspeed.


Mirka Breen said...

Lucky me!
Thank the recovering Dagney, and thank you for the fun photos in this post :)

Vijaya said...

Indeed! I am delighted.

Cadence McManimon said...

And we have a winner! Congratulations Mirka, you even have Yoda's approval ;p. I hope Dagny feels better, Vijaya!

Katie L. Carroll said...

Wow! So much great stuff for you (and Mirka!).

Vijaya said...

Thanks Katie. And Dagny's so much better, Cadence. Thank you!