Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Summer Reading

I suppose I'm late in posting this since school started this week but here are my picks published in the STAR. I'll miss working with Joe Benton but he's retiring after nearly two decades as editor. I've enjoyed his reminiscences so very much and I hope one day will write a memoir, accompanied with his beautiful photographs.

We still have a week more with the kids--so happy they won't be starting until Sept. (a first since we moved to SC). They're organizing and listening to our old albums--remember these ancient things? 


Mirka Breen said...

LPs! We still have them, but never use them. Delightful to see someone is, and a new generation gets to hear analog sound.

Vijaya said...

We subscribe to a music service that has everything under the sun (or so it seems) so the albums were all in the attic. Max brought them down and what a trip it's been down memory lane--I used to be romanced with a few of these :)