Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Congaree National Park

I love living in SC. We mostly go to the beach since we're so close to the ocean but once in a while we like venturing into the forests. Congaree is only a couple of hours away so when Dagny had a day off we went for a hike. I've not done anything strenuous for a long time and boy were my feet sore! But it was a lovely change of scenery for all of us. It's so wonderful being out in God's creation--so many marvelous things to see, sounds to hear, and the imagination to run free. What stories these trees could tell.

It's an old growth forest with some of the trees over a hundred years old. The tall cypress trees produce "knees" from the roots, probably to stabilize it given it's a floodplain. I loved listening to the hum of insects, the bird calls, the woodpecker hammering away. My favorite was listening to two baby raccoons chirp as they scuttled away from us. Soooo cute. The old growth forest is beautiful but also very buggy. I was covered from head to foot and still where my clothes stuck to me, I got dozens and dozens of mosquito bites. I look like I have the pox. 


Mirka Breen said...

Forrest are the best, from my POV. I'm especially grateful for the deep redwoods around where we live. They hide and reveal at once, like a great story.

Vijaya said...

I have loved being in the Redwoods. How wonderful you are so close to them. But I must say, I love the beauty of the lowcountry too--it's very different. It was when we were driving across the country that I felt how breathtaking the sheer diversity just in the continental US. Our Lord is infinitely creative.