Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Lamp: a new literary magazine

The inaugural print issue of The Lamp: a Catholic Journal of Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, etc.  has been a great delight. Max told me about them about a year ago and I read a few free articles. I love that he bought a subscription for all of us to enjoy. The articles are all well written, witty, and I had to look up a few things as well, like what in the heck is Feuilleton and without even knowing I figured it out--tidbits. It had a bedtime story for children called The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids. I wonder how many parents read such stories to their kids. Everything is so nice nowadays.

The magazine has an elegant look with just the two tones and spot art. My three favorite pieces: JD Vance's conversion story for the truth of it, Urban Hannon's article on How to be a Radical--by going to the root of things, and Matthew Walther's Kale-Flavored Smoke, a review of Jules Verne's Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Seas. I laughed so hard it made me want to pick it up again. It's great to see another Catholic literary magazine. Dappled Things is the other I know of.

And lookie, the second issue, Assumption 2020 arrived. Note the pretty blue. And Max just told us that his first academic paper has been published here: https://www.athwart.org/the-sound-of-revolution/  I'm so proud of him. Maybe he'll write something for the Lamp. Deo gratias!


Mirka Breen said...

What a tasteful presentation this publication has. The graphic aesthetic reminds me a bit of The New Yorker, which (no matter your feelings about its content) is very tasteful on the eye. Bravo to Max!

Vijaya said...

I thought so too, Mirka. All these little things make such a big difference. And Max! I never know what he's going to do. Thanks so much!

Jenni said...

It does look like the New Yorker, and I'm all for more humor! Congrats to Max! It must be nice having him follow in your footsteps. :)

Vijaya said...

Thanks Jenni. It is really wonderful to see Max growing into his interests. I have a feeling he will surpass me in everything, which is something I think all parents hope for.