Monday, August 24, 2020

St. Bartholomew and First Day of School

Pacino di Bonaguida, c. 1340, Florence

I don't know why I never knew that St. Bartholomew (also known as Nathanael bar Tolomai) preached in India. In Armenia, he was martyred--flayed alive and beheaded. I came across beautiful art with him, with all his sinews, holding his flayed skin but it might be too disturbing for tender readers so I give you this manuscript leaf instead. Today was his feast day so I learned these little bits. He's famous for saying, "Can anything good come from Nazareth?" to Philip, who replies, "Come and see." Even though Bartholomew is skeptical, he takes a chance to see who Jesus is and that's all it takes for Jesus to infuse some knowledge into Bartholomew, who exclaims, "Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel." This story reminds me that all I need to do is invite people for Mass or Adoration and Jesus will do the rest.

I've always found it fascinating that the instruments or manner of death is what the saints are patrons of. So, St. Bartholomew is the patron of bookbinders, butchers, cobblers, and against nervous/neurological diseases. I'm going to try to learn more about him because he sounds like he'd be a good companion for me. I love how how saints make themselves known to me. I love his name because its got a mew in it :) Here are my mews--sitting on my novel notes. But a closer look at the computer shows that I was actually working on my chapter book. Of course, the cats made me do it :) Dagny had finished all the art for it and I was adding it to the story considering I couldn't work on my novel very well. Can you see that Benny typed up some stuff? Cats! They're never content with the story you're telling; they have to add their own thoughts. 

Max had to get a last cuddle with Jules before he left for Ave Maria. What a wonderful gift to have both kids home for five months. But we are so grateful they can return to school and their studies in person with their teachers and friends. I am praying for all our children to grow in wisdom, skills, knowledge and love of our Lord. Michael and I are happy to return to a more quiet and contemplative life. Deo gratias.


Mirka Breen said...

My cats also add sections to my typing, ndowur5msnfjjjjjjjjjjjjj
Glad Max can attend in person. Not the case for many.

Vijaya said...

Yup, dogs lie obediently by your feet, listen to stories. Cats want their own. Oh, the kids know how blessed they are to be at a small Catholic school. It's a place of faith and learning, friendships, joy. I'm grateful reason and good judgement has prevailed.

Jenni said...

It's wonderful that your kids can attend in person. My son has started this week (in person for all but one class) and is loving it. His university is in our town, so he is still at home. Some people have been shocked that his school reopened, but I am thankful for the leadership, who have taken precautions, but ultimately decided we must live by faith. (He attends a Christian college.)

Vijaya said...

Jenni, that's great to hear your son's university has made the choice for in-person lectures. I'm sure there will be exceptions for faculty who are battling other serious diseases, like cancer. Faith and reason together is the normative Christian life, no? I'm also happy your son can stay at home. Michael and I often fantasize about living in Ave Maria...but the job is in Charleston, so no can do. And we love it here too.