Saturday, September 17, 2022

A Gift: My Kim-Norman-Repurposed-Train-Case

It's like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one. A few months ago, Kim Norman, writer and artist extraordinaire posted an unusual post on her seeming lack of organizational skills, only to show how it feeds her creative life. I was delighted to see pictures of her wicker baskets and artistic projects from various items she's collected over the years and I especially enjoyed seeing how she's decorated her home from old things--picture books, jewelry, etc. And she has quite the collection of vintage make-up cases that she repurposes as well. And I--lucky me!--won one. 

Actually I'd forgotten about it because I'd not heard anything. But when Kim contacted me a couple of months later to let me know I'd won, I was over the moon! You see, I love little boxes and containers and have all sorts of them for various items--pens, pencils, paperclips, buttons, sewing supplies, etc. And here it is! I'm no artist, but I do so enjoy coloring psalm cards and sending them out. I also enjoy calligraphy and a coloring Bible. So now, the cards and pens and pencils all fit in the train case and I can take it out on the porch, instead of bringing two cupfuls of pens and the psalm cards, invariably dropping some of them on the way there. I love the blues and greens, the pattern paper that looks like sand and the compartments. Kim told me that the oil from the hands of the previous owner gave that interesting speckled pattern. I love such happy accidents. I am sure as my artistic skills develop, more items will find their way into this one-of-a-kind train case. I might even take it with me on my next train ride...

What a joy to be part of a writing community and to give and to receive gifts. Thank you, Kim! 


Mirka Breen said...

Winning anything is heady, and winning an organizer is two blessing in one.

Vijaya said...

Indeed! And one so beautiful.

Barbara Etlin said...

Lovely! Reminds me of some of my decoupaged projects. Enjoy!

Sue said...

Cool! I love boxes too.

So nice to have everything in one place.


Vijaya said...

Barb, I remember seeing one of your decoupaged boxes! You're a beautiful artist too.
Sue, I think we're basically kids at heart--so often I'm more interested in the box than what came in it :)

Thank you two for sharing my joy!