Saturday, September 3, 2022

Texas Trip

It's September and Dagny has returned for her last semester at Ave Maria but I'm still not in a writing routine. Ideas are stacking up and it's a wonder my head hasn't exploded yet. Choir practice is starting up, so there's that. Discipline in one area usually carries over into other areas of my life. 

As is my habit, the pictures will speak more eloquently than my words. And yes, I still call myself a writer :)

Pictures from my Texas trip to visit my brother and sister and their families. We're almost twinnies :) Everybody in the family is so artful, but those two darling grandbabies are the finest works of art.  

The motorcycle was made by an artist in India using only wires, twisted and folded just so. Texas has 254 counties and my BIL has visited each and every one. He made that topological map! I just loved that Jenni keeps some of her spices in test tubes! Her little girl is so lucky to get to play with real fairy houses. 

At my brother's place--we laughed and cried and ate so much wonderful food all prepared by my SIL. Their daughter is following in her father's footsteps studying geology. She'll finish up the same time as Dagny so I'm hoping those two will connect. They share so many interests. 

What a joy for me to share my stories with the kiddos, big and small, listen to theirs, pray and sing together with my sister in beautiful St. Williams.

Alas, I brought a bug home from Texas--not Covid, not flu, not Strep--and it lodged in my upper chest and ear and even after two rounds of antibiotics, it's hanging about, so I'm turning to more traditional remedies like colloidal silver and there's improvement. But it's taken its toll on me. All the plans I had for writing went out the window. I scribbled in my journal and it's amazing how long it's taken me to again realize that it's okay to just be and not do. I've had a lovely time remembering every detail of my visit with my sweet family, entrusting them over and over to our blessed Lord, and reading. Oh, yes, I've read some wonderful books! But I'll save them for another time. Tell me, how did you fare this summer? 


Mirka Breen said...

How cute you are playing double dress up with your siblings. I always wanted a sister to wear the same dresses with.
So sorry a persistent bug has been bugging you. You may just be too hospitable, dear Vijaya. Tell it it's time to move.
For some reason, right now I know a lot of folks who have mysterious infections, resistant to treatment. In a spiritual way it feels like nature putting us in our place. But I wish it wouldn't single put some of the best people I know.

Vijaya said...

My mom always made our clothes so from childhood we've had same if not similar dresses and of course, I got all her hand-me-downs, softened by wear. We've always loved playing twinnies. I, too, have observed a lot more illnesses that just hang around--the immune system being compromised in some way. I'm letting the sun and sand and ocean heal me. Rest too. I've learned to accept everything as coming from the Hand of our Lord. He allows all that is happening and will use it for a greater good. All glory and honor to Him.

Barbara Etlin said...

Lovely, happy photos! You look as if you're having fun being together.

Have you ever been to Galveston? I was there twice and it's a pretty island city with a lot of historical interest.

Vijaya said...

Barb, I've never been to Galveston. We must remedy the next time and make it a longer visit. We do enjoy each other's company very much. My sister and SIL are best friends from grade school days too so those two always have their heads stuck together.

Suman Khisty said...

Love these pics, especially us dressed up like twins!! So glad you made this trip and got to see everyone. Thank you so much for the "Chota Chor" book. Such a blessing I have you for my sister. Get well soon. Love and God Bless.

Vijaya said...

Thank you for doing everything--it was so lovely to rest, relax, visit, laugh, cry, pray together. Everybody should have a big sister like you. Love you.