Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Keeper of the Bees

We're learning so much since Michael started keeping bees. We now have two hives--a top bar and the more traditional box. This should ensure lots of honey and wax and bees for the garden. Such wonderful creatures. Life is sweet with bees! In fact, we'd all starve without bees. People don't realize that 75% of the plants we eat need pollinators. All the pesticides used in industrial farming are killing the bees. I'm so thankful we have many local farmers who practice regenerative farming and who are happy to share what they know. 

Our first batch of bees arrived in the mail about a month ago--they went into the top bar and they're doing well, building comb and filling it with brood. The new bees are hatching.

We picked up the second batch from R&R Acres and it's a fully functioning hive--almost ready to swarm--in fact, while we were at the farm, there was a callout to collect a swarm. Here, Michael is adding empty frames in-between the fully-formed ones so that the bees have room to grow. It's so nice to have bees humming and buzzing in the backyard again. Welcome, new bees! 

Some fun pictures from R&R family farm. We visited the store and I bought some soap and a face-toner (smells divine with rose and hibiscus and honey) and the chocolate covered honey was absolutely delicious! The striped bird in the cage is a young emu. The older ones were delightful to watch too. What a beautiful place to raise a family. It can look idyllic but it's a lot of work! I know I don't have the energy but it is such a joy to see young families succeed at building and sustaining a family farm.


Mirka Breen said...

If I weren't terrified of bees (yes, they are essential but two times I was stung for no reason I know of (OUCH) I'd be (bee ;) ) cheering you and Michael on.
Lovely photos of the rest, that is-- animals I can be honestly cheery about

Barbara Etlin said...

My one positive association with the concept of bees was my role as an extra in The Killer Bees. I happened to be on vacation in New Orleans when it was being (beeing) filmed and they needed extras for a Mardi Gras parade scene down Royal Street. I was so hot standing there for two hours. The actors had to repeat the same thing over and over for a few seconds of film. I can only imagine how hot the poor high school students in their long-sleeved velvet band outfits were. Unfortunately my role as parade watcher was left on the cutting room floor...

Rajani Rehana said...

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Rajani Rehana said...

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Vijaya said...

Thanks Mirka. I'm wary of the bees because I'm allergic to bee sting (from years ago when I was stung multiple times from wasps--the ) but I never get into the bees' business, so they don't bother me. Michael does it all. I do have to be careful not to be in their flight path!

Barb, how amazing that on your vacation you got to be an extra in the Killer Bees! You could've had a whole another career. Now, they have computer animation for crowd scenes. Gone are the old days with real people.

Thanks for visiting, Rajani.