Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rest and Relaxation in WA

Max looks like he flew us out to WA. I love that he's not shy about asking for favors.

We've just returned from a most wonderful vacation visiting my in-laws. What a  gift to spend seven glorious days in the summer sunshine, being completely cared for, and spending oodles of time with all our immediate family. It's been four years since we last saw my nieces and nephews and whew! They've all shot up. Just like our kiddos. Here are some of them with Grandpa. Only the oldest is missing because he had to work.
We had such a good time playing games, picking berries and plums, watching movies (I must mention three outstanding ones -- Gone with the Wind, 42, and The Prize Winner of Defiance), and taking day trips to enjoy the natural beauty. I will post more pictures later, but I wanted to share one picture in particular -- the very creative impending birth announcement of Michael's older brother, written by his maternal grandmother. I love it.


I adore all the old photographs too. Michael's sister has made a beautiful scrapbook detailing the family history. She's gone back as far as the mid-1800s to both Sweden and Lithuania.

Here is a drawing of them made at one of those fairs. It resides in Michael's bedroom and I've seen it for over 30 years and always admired it. Yet, I never tried to get an artist to do one of my kids when they were little. So here's a piece of advice. Don't wait ... if you really, really want to do something, carpe diem. I am glad I didn't wait to start writing until I had more time.

Speaking of writing, I didn't do much. I jotted down a few thoughts but mostly I was content to just be and soak in the familiar surroundings. I know my next breath is not guaranteed. I cannot take all this for granted. Lots of ideas are percolating and although we've been back for a couple of days now, I don't feel a sense of urgency. My brain is still on vacation, although I'm going about doing the housework. I am luxuriating in the memories and pondering the books I've read. 

Thank you Don and Charlanne and thank you, dear Jesus, for making it all possible. 


Bish Denham said...

Love that birth announcement! Original and funny. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. And time spent with family is always a precious thing.

Mirka Breen said...

So happy you got to be with family and got "taken care of"~ That is a good family for you.

Barbara Etlin said...

Thanks for sharing that amazing, funny birth announcement!

Don't worry about taking a writing break. Your creative brain needs a rest, just like your body.

marciastrykowski.com said...

What a beautiful location--you've got me very curious about lavender ice cream!

marciastrykowski.com said...

I was having trouble getting my comments to go through and ended up commenting on the wrong post, but this new post is fascinating, too!

Vijaya said...

Thank you all for sharing my joy! I sure married into the right family.
And isn't that birth announcement the best?!!!

Marcia, I wonder why you're having trouble. Right now Google is making me jump through hoops too. It's annoying.