Friday, August 7, 2009

August and Rakhi

We just returned from a camping trip at Larrabee State Park. Perfect weather. Gorgeous. A necessary getaway from the work that is a constant at home. Here are the kids, poking around in the fire.

and scrabbling around on the rocks

We hiked up to this beautiful mountain lake where the kids and pup swam ... and we discovered how our puppy will not come back to us. She did return eventually, but we were anxious for a little while. I have no idea whether dogs know that they are getting tired and need to turn around and come back to shore.

All the extra laundry is done. And we celebrated Rakhi -- a festival that honors the relationship between brothers and sisters. It's a moveable feast like Easter, but since I never remember when the moon is supposed to be full in August, I have always celebrated it on Aug. 7, which is my older brother's birthday, the one who died before I even met him. He was only five. But from the time I can remember, I've thought of him as my guardian angel ... and I feel it to my core. When I look back upon my life, I know he's always watched over me. I've been in some awful scrapes, and yet manage to come out unscathed.

Here's a picture of my two brothers with my mom.

My son is sporting two rakhis -- one from his sister and one from his cousin-sister. I do hope the three of them will always be close, take care of each other, long after we are gone.

August. It's a great month. I hope you're all having a fabulous summer.


Mary Witzl said...

What beautiful children you have, and what an interesting, but sad, story that is, about your brother.

When I lived in Japan, I studied at a Japanese university for a year. There was a man there from Zaire (it was called Zaire back then) who had six little boys. When he was a child, he had had six older brothers, all of whom had died. He was absolutely positive that his brothers had come back to be his sons, and was completely comforted by the idea. The longer I live, the more I believe in miracles like this myself.

MollyMom103 said...

Beautiful, Vijaya. I always pray that for my kids, that they will stay close, treasure the bonds of kinship.

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Mary and Molly.
Mary, to lose six brothers is terrible, nothing is impossible.
Miracles, both small and big, happen every day.

Susan Sandmore said...

Your kids are adorable! Looks like a wonderful time together!