Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Historical Writing Contest

I've been too busy and too sick to blog, so Bish kindly let me copy this verbatim from her blog, even though we probably share some readers. But for those we don't:

The Institute of Children's Literature, is having another one of their wonderful writing contests. This one is calling for Historical Fiction. Go check it out. Your story could win $500 and be published in Children's Writer.
I'm promoting it for several reasons:
1.) I'm a graduate of the Institute. Their courses were a HUGE stepping stone to my getting short stories and articles published in children's magazines.*
2.) I won the last contest they had with my retold Folktale, "Why Dogs Beg."**
3.) I've entered this one.***
Lastly4.) Jan Fields, who faithfully puts out a FREE e-newsletter and to whom you can submit articles to Rx for Writers (and get paid, I've had three articles in Rx) is offering a boat load of children's books for anyone who promotes the Historical Fiction Writing Contest.
Got all that?
I know most of you are novel writers, but it's good to flex your muscles and write something short and focused. S0 check out the contest rules. You might have something that fits.

*I am a graduate and an instructor.
**I also won a contest years ago for contemporary YA : Driving Lessons.
***I cannot since I teach at ICL, but I'd love to since I adore HF.



Bish Denham said...

Piece of cake...Hope you're feeling better.

Vijaya said...

Much better, Bish. Thank YOU! And I do so love ICL and their way cool contests.

Marcia said...

Sick? Oh, I'm glad you're better. Yes, a historical fiction contest would tempt me, too!

Vijaya said...

Thanks, Marcia. HF is my favoritist genre ... is that even a word?

Christy Lenzi said...

How fun--thanks for posting this, Vijaya! I'm so glad it's for hf. I entered after reading about it from you. :)

(I'm a little worried about whether or not it went through, though. The instructions said we'd get an email confirmation and I haven't yet. I entered Friday...)

Vijaya said...

Oh, Christy, I'm so glad you entered. I'd check with Jan Fields to make sure they got your entry. I don't know how often they send out confirmations. You'd think it'd be an automatic and instant response, so it's best to check. And GOOD LUCK!