Monday, September 6, 2010

Spilling Ink

What a gem of a writing book! I do enough writing workshops and this is one book I will be recommending to both kids and adults who like to write. The advice on the craft of writing, of getting into the habit, of protecting yourself from writerly neuroses, etc. is all here. It's a book that a kid might even want to pick up again and again, if she were stuck on characters or plot or setting. The authors, Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter, even have some writer exercises, only they call this section: I DARE YOU. How can you resist? Of course, you'll take the challenge. I did! And was better for it. And the illustrations by Matt Phelan give it just the right touch. Now, why don't they have these in grown up books? This one's a winner. If you want a writer's handbook for a young person in your life, or for your self, get thee to the bookstore and pick up: Spilling Ink.

Well, we're well into Sept. and both my kids are in school and I need to go spill some ink. Remember that first draft? Well, it's actually a horrible mess. A revision is in order. I told myself I'd start this weekend and it's almost over. We're still in summer mode even though it's raining here. Well, the night is still young ... must put the kiddos to bed and open a new document.

Here's to a productive fall, all.



Bish Denham said...

Well! If YOU recommend this book I KNOW I have to get!

And...I'm spilling ink myself Vijaya. I've got this whopper of an idea pouring out of me! YEAH!

Saimi said...

The only ink I spill is my blog HA!
Is that fair to call in ink?

It was nice visiting with you at the reunion!!

Vijaya said...

Bish, I knew you'd be breaking leads and spilling ink eventually.

Saimi! Yeah, virtual ink counts. Thanks for stopping by here.

Marcia said...

This sounds great. I love writing books. Ah, I mean "books about writing," but I love writing books too. Most days. :)

Molly/Cece said...

Cool, always like a good book recommendation. Hope the fall hums.