Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cover Girl

My son took the shot. My daughter chose it amongst the hundreds of pictures we have for the Daniel Island Pets in Action Contest. Here's what the editors had to say. "This photo is beautifully framed and captures the sun, the beach, and the dog in just the right perspective. This earned our top honorable mention vote and was the unanimous choice for the cover." The judges also said, "Although there is not a lot of action in this photo, all the judges agreed that Sunny was guarding the beach and ready to jump into action ... awesome photo!"

My daughter chose three other photos, two of which were published. Here they are:


Below is the action shot my son took, given the theme of the contest. It made it in the paper too. But I was surprised to see the cover shot and the winning entries (only one was an action shot, but the others were stills very well composed). My son was so proud of the judges comments. He has been very gracious letting my daughter have the credit for the cover photo, but I did want to give credit where credit is due. He is the photographer for all these pictures, and is mighty pleased that all our pets got in the newspaper.

And so, I must ask. Have you ever had to relinquish recognition? If so, how did you deal with it? Do you ever pray to be freed from the desire to have worldly validation?


dbp said...

Great pictures!

Does the cat really have one green eye and one brown? Or is it just the light?

Have you ever had to relinquish recognition? In a backwards way, yes. I took "credit" for a car crash because the actual driver was possibly not yet on the insurance...

Mirka Breen said...

With models as beautiful as these, photographers as talented as yours, and your gift for words, I expect a gorgeous coffee-table book production from your team. Someday. Somehow. Soon.

Vijaya said...

David, yes, the cat has one brown and one green eye. It really spooks some people ... she's a great Halloween cat. You're a bigger man than I am for taking "credit" for a car crash.

Oh, Mirka, wouldn't that be lovely? We've made a few collages to put on the walls.

Marcia said...

Max is getting to be quite the photographer. Love all these!

I find worldly validation much easier to give up now that I realize GOD knows. He elevates the humble.