Thursday, December 26, 2013


A good Christian cannot be sentimental. We are told: "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." ~ Tertullian. And so immediately following the Christmas crib we are reminded of the first martyr, St. Stephen. All martyrs, even those who do not will it (like the Holy Innocents), endure suffering and death for Christ.

Stoning of St. Stephen by Rembrandt

File:0 Le Massacre des Innocents d'après P.P. Rubens - Musées royaux des beaux-arts de Belgique (2).JPG
Massacre of the Innocents by Ruben

The 2014 FSSP calendar features arresting paintings the martyrs. And lest we forget these are things of the past, George Weigel reminds us that even today, Christians in many parts of the world are being killed for their faith. Alas, I also remember the millions of babies who die before they are born. They are the Holy Innocents of our time.

Merry Christmas! It is the Babe in the crib with whom we fall in love with, who gives us the grace to confess our faith, pick up our cross and follow Him.

ETA: Pope Francis' homily.

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