Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Catechesis Resources

Michael bought THEOLOGY FOR BEGINNERS a couple of years ago and I've only now picked it up. What a GEM. I recommend this to all Christians, whether or not they think they already know and understand the mysteries of our faith.

So imagine my surprise when Michael -- and by now you must realize he is very good at digging up stuff! -- found a wonderful website with this very charming woman giving catechesis that even a second-grader can understand but with such depth, you will not be disappointed. It's no surprise that Daphne McLeod was a student of Sheed's. 

Michael had been looking for a resource for our Sunday Lectio Divina for the traditional calendar. I'm so glad he likes poking around the interwebs! My St. Andrew Daily Missal is a lot like this but it's hard to read because the print is so teeny.  Still, I love it. No more throwing away or recycling the Word of God as I've been doing the past couple of years with the Magnificat. I have something I can use year after year.  

I have a writing assignment (my first Catholic one!) and was looking for some resources online and hit the jackpot! St. Thomas Aquinas' commentary on the Gospel of John. Holy smokes!

Anyhow, I hope you will give the book a try and the links a look-see and listen. You will not be disappointed. Remember, the first spiritual work of mercy is instructing the ignorant! I do thank these wonderful teachers.


Johnell DeWitt said...

What a lovely list. I am not Catholic, but I can appreciate the deep thoughts that have generated from its thinkers that all Christians can feel part of.

Vijaya said...

There are some amazing Protestant theologians too -- AW Towzer, Rick Warren, and of course, CS Lewis! Theology is for everybody, really. I love how Sheed makes a case for it in his introductory chapter. And my brain just might explode from my new-found understanding of our Trinitarian God!