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Marian Eucharistic Conference Part 3: Shockwaves of Abortion

Ending Abortion; Not Just Fighting ItFather Frank Pavone is probably most well known as the director of Priests for Life. The goal is to end abortion. They began their work in 1993. At that time there were 2000 abortion mills. Now, 600. Of course, that’s 600 too many but as you can see, the abortuaries are going out of business. But with prayer and sacrifice, and the many practical things we can do to support women and families, we can end this terrible holocaust of the unborn. Please see Fr. Pavone's books for guidance.

Myth #1: Abortion is a personal, private decision. Couldn’t be further from the truth. It kills the poor baby. And it affects not just mom, but dad, siblings, friends, and damages our relationships.
Men regret their lost fatherhood. Men are hard-wired to love and protect, but abortion takes this away. By law, he doesn’t even enter into the discussion. So there is anger at not being able to stop it, but for many men, it is the shame of participating in the abortion. So many boyfriends have taken their girlfriend to an abortuary. And the relationship is damaged. They never talk about it ever again. They isolate their pain. And there’s a lingering question: can we ever be good parents again? Can we have sex? Usually, the relationship breaks down.
Grandparents suffer from the loss of a grandchild, even if sometimes it’s the parents who drag their daughter to the abortuary. But many times parents don’t even know until years later and they mourn the loss.

Let’s talk about the siblings. What’s it like for a child to realize that mom had an abortion? Sibling survivors face some of the same trauma as soldier survivors. They have guilt. They wonder if they could’ve done something to prevent the killing of their baby brother or sister. They ask the question, “Why?” Mom says, “I didn’t want …” So this means she wanted me, so I’m alive. What happens when she doesn’t want me?
What does it mean to grow up in a country where the baby in the womb is not protected? You are not considered a person. It shakes your sense of security. Pro-choice people have slogans like: Every child, a wanted child. But that’s wrong. A child’s value should not depend on someone else. A child has intrinsic value. We have two generations of abortion survivors.

Let’s talk about the abortionists. Many have repented. Guess what? They got tired of killing. You never get tired of saving lives.
You cannot dehumanize a child without dehumanizing yourself. You cannot practice vice virtuously. Fr. Pavone said that he was at the trial of Kermit Gosnell and the sad part is that he is not the exception. The dirt and grime is the norm. The back alley is gone, but now we just walk through the front door. But what happens inside is still the same. Carnage.
Myth #2: Abortion is a medical benefit/a medical procedure. Again, it cures no disease. Note: pregnancy is not a disease. It does not advance the health of the mother. It kills her baby. It’s an act of violence. And it damages the mother. “I regret my abortion” is the litany of millions of women who’ve been devastated by it. They live with the pain and guilt of taking their baby’s life; they lose trust in relationships; and some women spiral into self-hatred and recrimination by having multiple abortions. They want a replacement child, but then feel they do not deserve one. And for many others, it is the cause of infertility. Abortion harms the woman ALL the time.

Throughout this talk, I kept thinking how contraception also affects all of us negatively. It is not healthy to stop the normal cycling of a woman's body. It sterilizes our marriage (I give you everything but my fertility). Children miss the siblings they never had. How much more joy would we have had in our lives when I think of how much joy our two children have brought! And on a global scale, you can see the demographics changing. People aren't even replacing themselves. The anti-child culture is a death culture.
Hope and Healing after Abortion
If you’ve been involved in an abortion, either actively or passively, and are hurting and sorrowing, there is help. Talk to your priest or rabbi or a counselor who respects life. These are just four healing national organizations for healing after abortion but there might be more local resources. 
Rachel’s Vineyard    Project Rachel   Sisters of life   After Abortion

Pope Francis has announced Jubilee Year of Mercy. Do not be afraid. The devil would like to make you believe you are not worthy, but there is no sin that cannot be forgiven if you truly repent.
I loved what Father Pavone said. We are fighting from a place of victory. Christ is Risen. He has conquered sin and death. Alleluia!

He celebrated Sunday Mass.  
At this time of the year, with nature dying, it is typical to read from about the end times.

Jesus says in the Gospel, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” He is coming back in the Flesh to save and to rescue and to judge. He will separate good from evil. We don’t know when, “but of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” This is our Christian faith. In the final judgment all the good we do here – fighting for truth, justice, life, peace, etc. –  our cooperation with God’s grace, will be purified and exalted and it will endure forever. So there are eternal consequences to our actions now. All creation will be set free from evil. So we wait in joyful hope – active hope – to build the Kingdom of God. Let us invoke the Holy Spirit to come upon the earth and renew. Let no human law be above God’s laws.
The final words of Scripture end with: Come Lord Jesus!

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