Monday, August 1, 2016

Kids on Vacation

My kids had a wonderful time with their grandparents. Grandpa keeps a big garden so they had their fill of fresh fruit and vegetables. And they loved their ice cream with fresh berries and visiting with cousins and their parents. Max shared his photos with me and so here I share some with you! Brought back lovely memories for us -- Skagit River, Lake Diablo, Mt. Baker, and of course, what wonderful hosts my in-laws are. Everyone is always welcome. I know, because as a shy 19-yr-old, they made me feel at home.

They each got a window seat flying out!


Yes, the water is really that color -- from minerals





Grandparents are still hale and hearty.




The Bodach 5/7

Max with a childhood friend, also so growny




Mirka Breen said...

Gorgeous landscapes (fit for your beautiful kids) and oh-so-different from SC, isn't it?
Such a blessing. I only wish my parents (or my husband's) were alive to be here for my kids.

Molly/Cece said...

Oh, so lovely! I love Washington. I'm also glad they had this chance to hang out with their grandparents.

Vijaya said...

Thank you Mirka. I'm sending you a hug and prayers for your beloved dead. My in-laws make up for the loss of my mom. The landscape is so different from the lowcountry here. Each has its own beauty. But the mountains! Oh!

Molly, kids are very attached to their grandparents so we are soooo grateful they are alive and well and have the energy to be on the go! I can practically smell the cool mountain air!

Barbara Etlin said...

One more place to add to my vacation wish list! It's stunning!

Evelyn said...

Terrific pictures! Beautiful scenery and beautiful kids. I especially like their happy smiles.

Leandra Wallace said...

It's so pretty!! Glad you had a great time. Great in-laws are worth their weight in gold (actually a lot more!)