Sunday, March 17, 2024

March Feast Days

Michael brews beer for the men's monthly group meeting at Stella Maris and always adds the name of the saint for the day it's held along with the type of beer brewed. This time he found a lovely pictorial of several March saints (found here) and I loved having some of my favorites all in one picture. Enjoy! 

Of course, I had to go down the rabbit hole to find out who made it :) The pictures are taken from My Book of the Church's Year by Enid M. Chadwick. Children's books are the best! Happy St. Patrick's Day! My baptism day too! Celebrating my life in Christ! I should decrease, He increase.


Mirka Breen said...

Did I read somewhere that St. Patrick is no longer considered a saint, and that he didn't, in fact, chase snakes out of Ireland? No matter, it's a day of honoring things Irish, of which I can only boast a surname via marriage ;)

Vijaya said...

He's still a saint, but yes, there might be some legends associated with him that aren't factual. So you're an honorary Irish too?!!! Love it.